Iraq Starts Offensive to Retake Western Mosul From ISIS

Iraqi forces advanced toward western Mosul on Sunday. CreditKhalid Al-Mousily/Reuters



ERBIL, Iraq — Iraq opened the next chapter in its offensive to drive the Islamic State out of Mosul on Sunday, preparing an assault on the western half of the city. Overnight, planes carpeted the ground with leaflets, directly appealing to the group’s fighters to surrender.

“To those of you who were intrigued by the ISIS ideology,” one of the leaflets said, “this is your last opportunity to quit your work with ISIS and to leave those foreigners who are in your homeland. Stay at home, raising the white flags as the forces approach.”

On state-run television, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of Iraq announced the beginning of the offensive, describing it as “a new dawn” and calling on his troops “to move bravely forward to liberate what is left of the city.”

The assault is taking place amid new concerns about the condition of hundreds of thousands of civilians still trapped in the western part of the city. Food, water and cooking fuel have all been reported to be in short supply, and residents have described increased harassment from Islamic State fighters preparing for the attack.

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The overall push to free Mosul, once Iraq’s second-largest city, began in October, with local troops pushing from the east into the city’s geographically larger but more sparsely populated eastern half. In late January, they reached the banks of the Tigris River, which bisects Mosul, and declared the city’s eastern section liberated.

The operation took longer than expected and took a high toll on civilians and the Iraqi forces, but much of the city’s infrastructure was preserved and a sense of daily life has returned. That is in contrast to the operations to take back other cities from the Islamic State, including Ramadi and Sinjar, which were laid waste by airstrikes. More than a year since Sinjar was freed, even its mayor has not been able to return.

The fight for Mosul’s western half could be even more protracted than for its east. The west is home to neighborhoods of narrow streets, some so small that it will not be possible for Iraqi troops to enter in their fortified Humvees. That may make the Islamic State’s signature suicide bomb attacks even more effective.

Because all five of the bridges spanning the Tigris have been bombed, Iraqi troops will trace a circuitous path to western Mosul, initially approaching it from the city’s south.

Officials said the first objective would be Mosul International Airport, just south of the city. By midday on Sunday, Iraqi forces had captured a string of nearby villages, advancing within six miles of the airfield, officers from the troops said.

American forces are supporting the operation. “The U.S. forces continue in the same role as they did in East Mosul,” Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told reporters traveling with him on Sunday, adding that the rules of engagement for American troops in Iraq had not changed: “We are very close to, if not already engaged in, that fight.”

He said that the American-backed coalition fighting the Islamic State would “continue with the accelerated effort to destroy” the group.

Anticipating the offensive, the Islamic State damaged the Mosul airport, carving wide trenches onto the runways and adjacent taxiways and aprons, leaving no paved portion of the airport usable by aircraft, according to an analysis of satellite imagery by Stratfor, a global intelligence company.

While the airport may be unusable, taking it would be a milestone for the offensive, as would taking the adjacent hilltop village of Abu Saif, which sits at a higher elevation than Mosul. Because of the Islamic State’s heavy use of snipers, securing high ground is crucial, and Iraqi forces were nearing the base of the hill by Sunday afternoon.

The troops’ push into western Mosul will be further complicated by the Islamic State’s vast network of tunnels throughout the city, allowing fighters to hide from overhead surveillance. And the group is also increasingly using armed drones, allowing them to spot and remotely bomb advancing Iraqi troops.

Yahya Salah, whose neighborhood in eastern Mosul was liberated in November, described how Iraqi troops were just streets away when Islamic State fighters forced their way into his home, armed with a jackhammer. They herded Mr. Salah’s family into one of the bedrooms. From behind the closed door, Mr. Salah said, he then heard a deafening sound and realized the fighters were drilling a hole.

“They worked without stopping — when one got tired, another took over, and they dug a hole that was 1.5 meters wide,” said Mr. Salah, who said his family was locked in the bedroom for three days. “When we said we were thirsty, they threw water bottles at us,” he said.

He said the fighters had left at noon on the final day. The Iraqi Army arrived at sunset, unlocking the door. When the family stepped into the rest of their house, they found ceiling-high piles of dirt in three of their four bedrooms and a hole in the living room floor. The tunnel the fighters had dug stretched for dozens of yards, allowing the terrorist group’s foot soldiers to slip away.

Residents have shown reporters similar tunnels throughout the eastern part of the city, and officials expect the same in western Mosul. A photo essay published this weekend by the Islamic State titled “Life of Fighters South of Mosul” shows their soldiers cooking a meal on a kerosene stove, reading the Quran and praying inside a tunnel wide enough for five men to stand side by side.

At the same time, the Islamic State has become better at the use of small drones, which are available off-the-shelf in malls across the region, including in Erbil, the nearest major city to Mosul. They use the drones to pinpoint army positions and to target them, and recently recovered Islamic State documents show how the group has cobbled together its own drone program. Iraqi forces describe how they frequently see the twoto-four-foot-long aircraft overhead, whining like a lawn mower. Then 30 minutes later, they will take incoming fire at that location.

“Mosul would be a tough fight for any army in the world, and the Iraqi forces have risen to the challenge,” Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, the commander of the American-led effort against the Islamic State, said in a news release from United States Central Command announcing the beginning of the operation. Some of the 450 American advisers on the ground in Iraq are helping Iraqi officers plan and execute the offensive.

Reached by telephone, residents in western Mosul described the elation they felt at the approach of government troops. “All we have left to eat is tomato paste. We are eating it with salt,” said Umm Anwar, 41, who asked to be identified only by her nickname. “We are ready to kill ISIS ourselves with knives, or by biting them, because we are in so much pain.”

Anonymous “Hacktivists” Strike a Blow Against ISIS

Anonymous “Hacktivists” Strike a Blow Against ISIS

Anonymous has just struck a massive blow against ISIS recruiting efforts. Hacktivists recently took control of dozens of Twitter and Facebook accounts that had been openly used by ISIS to expand their influence and recruit new members.

The above video explains the attack was coordinated by “Muslims, Christians, Jews” alike. They are “hackers, crackers, Hacktivist, phishers, agents, spies, or just the guy next door… students, administrators, workers, clerks, unemployed, rich, poor.” They are also “young, or old, gay or straight… from all races, countries, religions, and ethnicity. United as one, divided by zero.”

An important point made by the video is that “the terrorists that are calling themselves [the] Islamic State (ISIS) are not Muslims.” Anonymous further directs a threat to ISIS itself:

We will hunt you, take down your sites, accounts, emails, and expose you…
From now on, no safe place for you online…
You will be treated like a virus, and we are the cure…
We own the internet…
We are Anonymous; we are Legion; we do not forgive, we do not forget, Expect us.

The following are some of the Twitter handles that had been brought down by Anonymous and RedCult team in #OpISIS  are listed below: > Rachid Abou Houdeyfa

Anonymous states that the Facebook accounts listed below appear to be in close contact with ISIS. We are advised to “keep a close eye” on them. ====> This are Junaid Hussain AkA TriCk. ====> (Recruiter) This woman she to brainwash young people to go to Syria to fight alongside Terrorists of the Islamic State.

This is just the beginning iteems. Anonymous warns that there will be “more to come.” In fact, even as this article is being typed, more accounts are being taken offline.

Anonymous recommends: Protect your PC & mobile devices from hackers & governments & surf anonymously 

New Year bomb attack on ISIS: America launches TWENTY NINE air strikes | We include 15 mins of great ISIS Death.

Graphic Message to ISIS from Middle Eastern Feminists

Syria and Iraq in blitz against extremists

  • In total 17 bombs were dropped on Syria and another 12 on Iraq targets
  • Raids destroyed vehicles, building and units belonging to Islamic State
  • Onslaught brings number of strikes since Christmas to more than 100

U.S. and Arab war planes launched 29 air strikes against Islamic State fighters and buildings across both Iraq and Syria overnight, according to military chiefs.

Syrian targets included he Islamic State’s defacto capital of Raqqa, and Kobane where Kurdish Peshmerga and YPG forces have been involved in street battles with extremists for months.

The city of Dayr az Zawr, which contains 600,000 people and is the largest in Syria’s east was also among the cities hit.

In Iraq targets were hit around the town of Mosul, which contains an important dam, Fallujah, which is located just to the east of Baghdad, and Sinjar, which thousands of Yazidis were forced to flee after ISIS fighters took the town earlier this year.

Scroll down for video, 15 minutes of great ISIS Death!

U.S.-led coalition warplanes hit 29 targets in Iraq and Syria yesterday destroying buildings, vehicles and units, including in the town of Kobane (pictured) where ISIS are still fighting Kurdish forces

U.S.-led coalition warplanes hit 29 targets in Iraq and Syria yesterday destroying buildings, vehicles and units, including in the town of Kobane (pictured) where ISIS are still fighting Kurdish forces

In total 17 bombs were dropped over Syria and another 12 over Iraq, though the exact split between the target cities has not been announced.

Chiefs of the Combined Joint Task Force said buildings, fighting positions and units were all hit during the bombing runs, but did not give information on exactly what was destroyed or how many casualties there were.

ISIS has been engaged in street battles with Kurdish Peshmerga and YPG units in Kobane for months, as airstrikes attempt to weaken the opposition

ISIS has been engaged in street battles with Kurdish Peshmerga and YPG units in Kobane for months, as airstrikes attempt to weaken the opposition

The latest round of bombings against ISIS targets in the Middle east takes the number of strikes since Christmas above 100, as the U.S.-led coalition attempts to weaken the radical group.

As well as key towns such as Raqqa and Kobane, strikes have also hit Al Asad, Al Qaim, Baiji, Kirkuk and Tal Afar in Iraq.

As the bombing runs were carried out last night Syrian dictator Bashar Al Assad went to deliver a New Year’s message to troops in the east Damascus district of Jobar last night.

State TV showed the despot having dinner with soldiers and pro-government gunmen during the rare appearance.

The news came as the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights announced that the death toll from the four-year civil war topped 76,000 in the last year alone.

An estimated 17,790 were civilians, including 3,501 children, making it the deadliest year of the war.

Heavy fighting in the strategic neighbourhood killed at least 25 Syrian soldiers and pro-regime militia on Wednesday before the visit, the observatory said.

Assad was shown sharing a meal of baked beans, boiled potatoes and tomatoes with soldiers and pro-government gunmen known as National Defense Forces.

The fresh wave of bombings brings the number of coalition strikes since Christmas above 100, as forces loyal to Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad also hit targets in Damascus yesterday

The fresh wave of bombings brings the number of coalition strikes since Christmas above 100, as forces loyal to Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad also hit targets in Damascus yesterday

A child is treated for head wounds at a medical centre in Damascus as Assad's forces launched strikes. More than 76,000 people died in the civil war last year

A child is treated for head wounds at a medical centre in Damascus as Assad’s forces launched strikes. More than 76,000 people died in the civil war last year

Last year was the deadliest of the four-year conflict in Syria, with 18,000 civilians killed after being caught in the fighting with 3,500 of those being children

Last year was the deadliest of the four-year conflict in Syria, with 18,000 civilians killed after being caught in the fighting with 3,500 of those being children

And now your video!

Captive Jordanian pilot: IS will kill me | And we show you ISIS Being wiped out by Air Strike In Syria!

FAs much as we feel for the Pilot, , and his family, we also belive in Every ISIS Fighter being killed! Here first is a short Video of Great ISIS fighters being wiped out, and the the story about , First Lieutenant Mu’ath al-Kaseasbeh from Jordan.

Now the story on, First Lieutenant Mu’ath al-Kaseasbeh from Jordan. Note: We also believe that ISIS did not shoot down the Jet, and we will not help ISIS with there Propaganda.

What follows is the story on, First Lieutenant Mu’ath al-Kaseasbeh from Jordan.

First Lieutenant Mu'ath al-Kaseasbeh

Captive Jordanian pilot: IS will kill me

In purported interview with Islamic State, 26-year-old pilot captured last week explains how he was shot down in Syria, says flight mission was coordinated with US base in Qatar.

The Islamic State published on Monday a purported interview with the Jordanian pilot captured last week after his plane crashed in northern Syria. In his statements in the extremist group’s monthly English-language magazine, First Lieutenant Mu’ath al-Kaseasbeh explained how his plane was shot down while he was flying a mission for the US-led coalition, and said he was aware of his fate at the hands of his captors.

“We took off to Iraq from Muwaffaq al-Salti Air Base – in the city of al-Azraq in Zarqā’ Governorate – at 6:15 AM,” the 26-year old pilot said.

“We received aerial refueling at 7:55, then went to the waiting area where we were met up by a party consisting of Saudi F15s, Emirati F16s, and Moroccan F16s. We entered the region of arRaqqah to sweep the area, then the striker jets entered to begin their attack. My plane was struck by a heat-seeking missile. I heard and felt its hit,” al-Kaseasbeh explained.


Upon being asked if he had “met the American crusaders”, al-Kaseasbeh responded “of course” and shared information about the soldiers stationed at the Royal Jordanian Air Force located in Azraq: “There are around 200 Americans in Muwaffaq al-Salti Air Base. Amongst them, there are about 16 US pilots, one of which is female, with the remainder of the 200 serving as technicians, engineers, and in other support roles.


“The Americans sometimes have dinner with us and eat mansaf, which they like a lot. Their talk does not include details about operations because of matters of secrecy and security,” he added.


Wreckage of Jordanian airplane
Wreckage of Jordanian airplane


First Lieutenant al-Kasaesbah was born in 1988 and lived in the city of Al Karak south of Amman. In 2006, he began his studies at the Royal Jordanian Air Force Academy. Al-Kasaesbah completed his studies in 2009 and joined the Jordanian Air Force. Before his summer wedding, he made pilgrimage to Mecca and then joined the coalition against the Islamic State.


Towards the end of the interview, al-Kasaesbah was asked whether he had seen videos of executions of captured enemy fighters, to which he responded: “No, I haven’t.”


The interview is concluded with the question: “Do you know what the Islamic State will do with you?”

To which he responds: ” Yes… They will kill me…”

Islamic State takes the Jordanian pilot captive (Photo: EPA)
Islamic State takes the Jordanian pilot captive (Photo: EPA)


Reports of al-Kasaesbah’s capture were spread around the world and among social networks on Wednesday. “We are all Muath al-Kasaesbah” became a popular hash tag on Twitter on Wednesday evening – initiated by many Jordanians who fear for the pilot’s fate.


Al-Kasaesbah married last summer and only finished flight school in recent months. His father, Youssef, urged the public to support the family. “I pray that Allah will plant mercy in their hearts and they will release him.”


“He believed he needed to join the attacks against Daesh in order to protect innocent people from the tragedies they cause them,” said one of the captured pilot’s brothers.


The United States has denied that IS shot down the Jordanian aircraft. The head of the US military’s Central Command, Gen. Lloyd Austin, said the US will not tolerate IS’s “attempts to misrepresent or exploit this unfortunate aircraft crash for their own purposes.”

ISIS executed 2,000 people in past six months

BEIRUT: The ISIS group has killed 1,878 people in Syria during the past six months, the majority of them civilians, a British-based Syrian activist group said Sunday.

ISIS also killed 120 of its own members, most of them foreign fighters trying to return home, in the last two months, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The latest summary executions reported by the Observatory and local activists have come in the eastern part of Syria. Video footage of the execution by gunshot at close range emerged over the weekend, purporting to show ISIS militants killing a member of the rival Nusra Front, and a civilian, in the town of Al-Bukamal.

The militant group has taken vast parts of Iraq and Syria and declared a caliphate in territory under its control in June. Since then it has fought the Syrian and Iraqi governments, other insurgents and Kurdish forces.

Rami Abdel-Rahman, the head of the Observatory, told Reuters that ISIS killed 1,175 civilians, including eight women and four children.

He said 930 of the civilians were members of the Sheaitat, a Sunni Muslim tribe from eastern Syria which fought ISIS for control of two oil fields in August.

Reuters cannot independently verify the figures but ISIS has publicized beheadings and stoning of many people in areas it controls in Syria and Iraq. These are for actions it sees as violating its reading of Islamic law, such as adultery, homosexuality, stealing and blasphemy.

The group, an offshoot of Al-Qaeda, has also released videos of executions of captured enemy fighters, activists and journalists.

It beheaded two American journalists, and one American and two British aid workers this year in attempts to put pressure on a U.S.-led international coalition, which has been bombing its fighters in Syria since September.

Abdel-Rahman, who gathers information from all sides of the Syrian conflict, said that ISIS had also executed 502 soldiers fighting for President Bashar Assad and 81 anti-Assad insurgents.

He said that 116 foreign fighters who had joined ISIS but later wanted to return home were executed in the Syrian provinces of Deir al-Zor, Raqqa and Hassakeh since November. Four other ISIS fighters were killed on other charges, Abdel-Rahman said.

The overwhelming number of the group’s victims have been from the Syrian population.

More than 200,000 people have been killed in the Syrian civil war, which started when Assad’s forces cracked down on peaceful pro-democracy protests in 2011.


The religious cleansing of Middle East Christians

iraq christians

Iraqi Christians pray during a mass on Christmas eve at a church in Baghdad. (photo credit:REUTERS)

The fate of struggling Christians in Muslim-majority countries in the Islamic heartland has shifted from persecution to an existential struggle.

Anti-Christian violence in 2014 saw a transformation from under-told news coverage, to routine reports of radical Islamists seeking to obliterate Christianity’s presence.

Religious freedom experts captured the dire situation of Middle Eastern Christians in comments on Friday to The Jerusalem Post.

“Persecution no longer adequately describes the treatment of Christians in a growing number of Muslim areas.

Religious cleansing, a type of cultural genocide, which is a crime against humanity, is the more accurate description.

This is now occurring in Iraq, Syria, parts of Nigeria, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia and Pakistan.

A goal of Islamic extremists is total Islamization and this has nearly been achieved in Iraq, which a decade ago was home to one of the four most robust Christian communities in the Arab world,” said Nina Shea, director of the Washington- based Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom.

Shea, who has written extensively about the lack of Christian religious freedom, said “Now, the overwhelming majority of Iraq’s Christian community, formerly numbering 1.4 million, are immigrants in the West, refugees in the region, or internally displaced persons in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Since Christians are the largest non-Muslim minority there and the smaller Yazidi, Mandean and Jewish communities have also been driven out or killed. Iraq is for the first time in history becoming entirely Islamic. Over the millennia, its minorities were influential and their absence will have geopolitical implications.”

A snapshot of news headlines during the Christmas period signifies a rapidly deteriorating situation for the Middle East’s Christians. The Irish Times wrote, “Christians most persecuted and discriminated against worldwide: Most violations of religious freedom occur in Muslim countries.” The New York Daily News editorial noted: A war on Christians rages around the world. “Lack of help for Iraqi Christians from international community,” headlined the BBC for a video interview. “A jailed Iranian Pastor’s Christmas Prayer,” read a Wall Street Journal opinion article headline.

The case of Iran is part and parcel of a deceptive strategy to court the West while incarcerating Iranian Christians.

Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani tweeted on Christmas; ”May Jesus Christ, Prophet of peace & love, bless us all on this day. Wishing Merry# Christmas to those celebrating, esp #Iranian Christians.”

Pastor Farshid Fathi experienced four Christmases in prison for practicing his faith.

American-Iranian pastor Saeed Abedini spent his third Christmas in prison for his Christian work. UN human rights reports have documented severe oppression of Christian Iranians, which Iran’s so-called moderate president shows no appetite for curtailing.

According to Open Doors USA, an organization that seeks to prevent Christian persecution, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen are in the top 10 violators of Christianity. In terms of global persecution of Christians, Open Doors noted 322 Christians are murdered each month for simply being Christian, 214 Christian properties are destroyed and violence affects 772.

Spectacular levels of violence targeting Iraqi Christians prompted Pope Francis to say this month, “Your resistance is martyrdom, dew which bears fruit.”

Islamic State presents the most immediate danger to Christians in Iraq and Syria because of its ideology to rapidly eliminate Christianity.

Dexter Van Zile, a Christian Media Analyst for the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, said “we need to devote the resources necessary to defeat ISIS [Islamic State] and make it perfectly clear that the people responsible for murdering Christians, Yazidis and other minorities will face justice.

We simply cannot let them get away with it.

“The efforts to help the Christians in the Middle East will look a lot like the choices the West was faced with when the Jews were being murdered in Europe. We’ll have to get serious about providing permanent refuge to Christians from the region in our own countries, which ominously enough, did not happen with the Jews. I hope and pray we make a different choice this time. These people need homes, permanent homes in the West,” said Van Zile.

He added, “we’ll have to think about providing a safe haven for them in the region.

Christians in Iraq have called for the creation of a special province for minorities in Iraq – the Nineveh Plains proposal – which has largely been ignored by policy makers in the West.”

Analyzing Israel’s role in the region can help in grasping the larger context, according to academic experts.

Dr. Richard Landes, director and co-founder of the Center for Millennial Studies at Boston University said, “in the old days [Yishuv days], when the Muslims rioted and massacred Jews, they’d say, ‘first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.’ Now that the Jews have a state and can defend themselves, they’ve moved on to the Sunday people, and the only place Christians are safe is where the Saturday people have sovereignty.”

He added, “The really sick part of this picture is that the Christians in the west not only won’t come to the defense of the Sunday people in the Muslim world, but rather, seem fixated on not letting the Saturday people defend either themselves or the Sunday people who live among them. With their western enemies behaving so self-destructively, it’s a good time to be a jihadi.”

Melancholy, frustration, outrage, deep pessimism, shock and exasperation seem to be the dominant themes when experts discuss the plight of Christians in the Middle East. Western policy makers and politicians have failed to mobilize the raw energy of their capitalist economies to stop jihadi attempts to wipe out Christians.

“I’m not very hopeful that things will get much better.

We will continue to see things that shock us in the year ahead. Next year may even be worse than 2014,” said Van Zile.

ISIS ‘poster girls': One dead and one missing, This is what is waiting for you if you go and join ISIS, ISIL!

Graphic Message to ISIS from Middle Eastern Feminists

Samra Kesinovic and Sabina Selimovic

ISIS ‘poster girls, One dead, and the other missing! This is what is waiting for you if you go and join ISIS, ISIL!

Do you really want to die? well if you do this is what is waiting for you with ISIS, ISIL!

United Nations security official says they also have evidence that the other girl who left has disappeared in the region

Samra Kesinovic and Sabina Selimovic

Syria: The two girls in their new life in a picture they posted online.

One of the ISIS poster girls who fled their middle class lives in Austria has been killed in Syria while the other has gone missing, a United Nations official has revealed.

Teenagers Samra Kesinovic, 16, and Sabina Selimovic, 15, left their homes in Vienna earlier this year in a bid to join islamists fanatics fighting in the war-torn nation.

The pair, whose parents are Bosnian refugees, had disappeared in April after saying that they wanted to fight in Syria.

Security officials believe they first went to the Turkish capital Ankara by plane, and then on into the southern Turkish region of Adana. After that, their tracks were lost.

David Scharia, a senior Israeli expert of the United Nations Security Council’s Counter-Terrorism Committee, revealed the UN had received information that one of the girls had been killed – but was unable to say which one.

He said: “We received information just recently about two 15-year-old girls, of Bosnian origin, who left Austria, where they had been living in recent years; and everyone, the families and the intelligence services of the two countries, is looking for them.

“Both were recruited by Islamic State. One was killed in the fighting in Syria, the other has disappeared.”

Confirmation of one of the girls’ death comes just three months after the Austrian government said it had informed both sets of parents of the girls that one of them might have been killed.

A short while after the pair fled their homes, they appeared on social networking sites brandishing Kalashnikov rifles and surrounded by armed men – photos which Austrian police said acted as recruitment posters for young girls.

An Islamic preacher from Bosnia living in Vienna, Mirsad O., known by the Islamic name of ‘Ebu Tejma’, was allegedly responsible for the radicalization of the two young girls. Authorities say he brainwashed them into joining the jihad. He denies this.

Mirsad O. was arrested for his role in an alleged terrorist funding network based in Austria in November.

As many as 130 people from Austria are now believed to be fighting as jihadists abroad. Experts say at least half of them originally come from the Caucasus region of Russia and were granted asylum in Austria after the bloody Chechen war.

Austrian Interior Ministry spokesman Alexander Marakovits said they were noticing an increasing problem with youngsters wanting to leave the country to fight in the ranks of ISIS.

He said: “If we can catch them before they leave we have the chance to work with their parents and other institutions to bring the youngsters out of the sphere of influence that prompted them to act in this way the first place.

“Once they have left the country, even if they then changed their minds, it is then almost impossible to get them back.”

All that awaits you with ISIS, ISIL, is death/torture/slavery!

P.S you will also be branded a Terrorist and Traitor, by your Government, and the public.

You have been warned. Notoriously White, and our campaign to stop ISIS, ISIL, and all other Terrorists!

Do Not trust the propaganda of ISIS, it’s all Lies! Don’t end up a Terrorist.

(File, AP)

ISIS recruits broadly, not just fighters. The real face of ISIS can be seen below.

Graphic Message to ISIS from Middle Eastern Feminists

Washington – The three teenage girls from the US state of Colorado swapped Twitter messages about marriage and religion with recruiters for the Islamic State group, then set out for Syria with passports and thousands of dollars in stolen cash. Authorities intercepted them in Germany, then returned them to their families without criminal charges.

That case and others like it show how the group is targeting its sophisticated propaganda beyond male fighters, seeking to entice not only wives but also professionals such as doctors, accountants and engineers as it pushes to build a new society in a territorial base that has spread across broad swaths of Iraq and Syria.

The motives of this diverse pool of recruits perplex Western governments trying to combat the flow. One recruit, Shannon Conley, a Colorado woman who was caught and is being sentenced next month, sought to fight in Syria or use her nursing skills to help fighters there.

The group “is issuing a bit of a siren song through social media, trying to attract people to their so-called caliphate”, FBI Director James Comey told reporters. “And among the people they’re trying to attract are young women to be brides for these jihadis.”

As the Islamic State seeks to expand its footprint, it conscripts children for battle, recruits Westerners for acts of jihad and releases videotaped beheadings. But the organisation also uses propaganda with a humanitarian appeal, such as photos of bombed-out Syrian villages coupled with pleas for help.

Video images of smiling children being given treats and enjoying stuffed animals paint a family-friendly portrait that suggests roles within the proto-state for wives and mothers.

Even as they preach violence, “they’ll do the warm and fuzzy… the gun in one hand and the kitten in the other”, Assistant Attorney General John Carlin, head of the Justice Department’s national security division, said in an interview.

“They’re seducing them with promises about how wonderful it will be,” said Mia Bloom, a professor of security studies at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. “They promise a sense of adventure, that their worries will be addressed.”

Justice Department officials say people aiding the Islamic State understand what they’re getting into and risk prosecution, whether or not they venture to Syria and even if they don’t plan to take up arms themselves. Prosecutors have criminally charged more than 15 people, Carlin said.

A Rochester, New York, food store owner stands accused of trying to arrange for others to travel to Syria and of plotting to kill members of the US military. An Illinois man, allegedly determined to join militants, left behind a letter saying he was disgusted by Western society. And prosecutors say a North Carolina man asked Allah online for martyrdom.

Most charges are brought under a statute that makes it illegal to provide “material support” – including money, training or a false identity – to a designated terrorist group. Defence lawyers have long argued the law is overly broad and ensnares the misguided as often as it sweeps up the dangerous. Courts, however, have accepted an expansive interpretation of the law.

“We need to make clear that if you want to go over there and join a terrorist group, you’re likely to end up instead in jail,” Carlin said.

But Justice Department officials say they’re also trying strategies other than prosecution, including trying to identify potential recruits before they go.

FBI agents in Colorado met repeatedly with Conley, a 19-year-old nurse’s aide who had converted to Islam, hoping to dissuade her from travelling to Syria to marry a militant suitor she met online. Agents suggested she try humanitarian work instead of jihad, but she told them that if she couldn’t fight, she would use her skills as a nurse’s aide to help militant fighters, according to court documents.

Conley pleaded guilty in September and is to be sentenced 23 January. Her lawyer, Robert Pepin, has said she was “led terribly astray” while pursuing her religion and was “saved” by her arrest.

Perhaps no case better shows the penetration of the recruitment campaign than that of the three Colorado girls, all from East African immigrant families, who were radicalised online and headed for Syria in October.

A review of the girls’ social media use, which included thousands of Twitter messages and postings on other sites, by the SITE Intelligence Group shows they were in contact with online jihadists from around the world and were deeply interested in marriage and the role of women. As recruiters interacted with the girls, their typical teenage banter about friends and school became replaced with discussions of religion, paradise and death, the review showed.

Six months before they went overseas, one girl wrote that she wanted to get married as soon as possible and her friends wished her well, telling her they hoped she got an “amazing husband because you do not deserve anything else!”

- AP

Sydney Lindt Cafe siege: ISIS have declared war, it is now our time to declare war on them!

ISIS, with what they have done in Australia, is a call to arms! We can no longer afford. to sit on our asses watching our militarizes unsuccessfully, attack ISIS militants, from the air, it is in fact time to send in our troops, and kill every last one of these cultists of death. And as for us in The UK, now is the time to to deal with the Islamist s in out own country, we sit ideally by and watch them try and pull our democracy apart, and we do nothing, well the time has come to deal with radicalization of the Islamic youth and either deport these people, or put them in prison, we must no longer give in to the teachings of Islam, the burka and all other face covering clothing must be banned, the continued expansion of mosques must be stooped, and they must all be treated as if they are the enemy until we rid this and all other countries of radical Islam. As Sir Winston Churchill said the days of appeasement can no longer be allowed to continue.

Hostages display Islamic flag as up to 13 people are held by armed man

The building the café is in also contains a number of state government bodies

Up to 13 people were being held hostage by at least one armed man in a chocolate shop and café in Sydney, according to reports.

Staff and customers were forced to hold what appeared to be a black Islamic flag against the window of the Lindt Chocolat Café, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The flag is believed to be the Shahada, which carries a message that is translates as: “There is no deity of worship except God (Allah), and Muhammad is the messenger of God.”

“The police operation is underway, urging people to avoid the area while it’s under way,” a police spokesman told

Armed police officers were seen outside the café with their guns drawn, and a man with a backpack inside the cafe could be seen walking back and forth in front of the glass doors. The building it is in contains a number of state government bodies.

Police closed roads in the area and also stopped some trains from running after the alert was raised at about 9.45am on Monday local time. The newsroom at broadcaster Channel7, which is about 30 metres away, was evacuated.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s office released a statement: “New South Wales Police and the Australian Federal Police are currently responding to a reported hostage-taking incident in Martin Place in Sydney.

Police closed roads in the area and also stopped some trains from running after the alert was raised at about 9.45am on Monday local time.Police closed roads in the area and also stopped some trains from running after the alert was raised at about 9.45am on Monday local time.

“I have spoken with NSW Premier Mike Baird and offered him all possible Commonwealth support and assistance.

“The National Security Committee of Cabinet has also convened for briefings on the situation.”

“This is chilling,” said Kylie Gillies, host of Channel7’s The Morning Show as she watched events from the studio.

Her colleague Shelly Horton, a journalist with the station, tweeted: “Terrifying siege in Martin Place. Those poor hostages. My @themorningshowon7 @sunriseon7 friends have been evacuated.”

There were varying estimates of the number of people inside the story from as few as four to 20.

Earlier on Monday, police arrested a 25-year-old man in the city as part of operations to disrupt the flow of money and fighters to conflict zones such as those in Iraq and Syria.

There was no indication by authorities that the two incidents were in any way linked.

Police close a street where a cafe is being used to hold hostages in the central business district of SydneyPolice close a street where a cafe is being used to hold hostages in the central business district of Sydney

Australia is on high alert for attacks by radicalised Muslims or by home-grown militants returning from fighting in the Middle East, having raised its threat level to high and undertaken a series of high-profile raids in major cities.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said that at least 70 Australians were fighting in Iraq and Syria backed by about 100 Australia-based “facilitators”.

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ISIS DOGS: Enslaving, having sex with ‘unbelieving’ women, girls is OK, even Children!

Graphic Message to ISIS from Middle Eastern Feminists

ISIS documents condone rape, slavery

Watch this video

Can you take non-Muslim women and children captive? Yes, says ISIS.

Can you have sex with them, even prepubescent girls? Yes, according to the Islamist extremist group.

Can you sell them or give them as gifts to others? The answer is yes, once again.

People in Mosul — the Iraqi city now under control of the group calling itself the Islamic State — got these and other messages loud and clear after sunset prayers Friday, when armed men handed out a color-printed pamphlet “Question and Answers on Female Slaves and their Freedom,” three residents told CNN.

ISIS ushers in a revival of slavery

“People started gathering in small groups chattering about this (document),” said one of the men, whom CNN didn’t name for security reasons. “Most are shocked, but (we) cannot do much about it.”

The document was first printed in October or November, then later posted on an ISIS website. It has gotten more publicity recently because of the Middle East Media Research Institute, an independent Washington-based nonprofit whose advisory board includes former National Security Agency Director Michael V. Hayden, onetime CIA Director James Woolsey and ex-U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

The idea that ISIS is kidnapping, selling and raping women and children is hardly surprising. Many such accounts have surfaced since the group began its often brutal run through Syria and Iraq, including chilling stories from members of the Yazidi religious minority. And these are on top of other horrific allegations, such as the killings and mistreatment of innocent civilians simply because they didn’t subscribe to ISIS’ extreme take on Sharia law.

Yazidi women ‘treated like cattle’

And that’s the thing about ISIS: Its militants have justified their actions — like the beheadings of journalists and aid workers — in God’s name.

Even then, it is rare to see its rationale laid out as plainly as in “Question and Answers on Female Slaves and their Freedom.”

In the document, for instance, it is explained that capturing women is permissible if they are “nonbelievers.” It adds, “Female slaves are the women that Muslims took from their enemies.”

Much of the pamphlet talks about ISIS’ policy on having sexual intercourse with a female slave, something that the group cites the Quran to justify.

Armed men distributed this pamphlet Friday to worshipers in Mosul, outlining what\'s permissible to do with non-Muslim captives.
Armed men distributed this pamphlet Friday to worshipers in Mosul, outlining what’s permissible to do with non-Muslim captives.

“If she was a virgin, he (the owner) can have intercourse with her immediately after the ownership is fulfilled,” ISIS explains. “If she was not a virgin, her uterus must be purified (wait for her period to be sure she is not pregnant.)”

There are other rules as well, like that two men who co-own a captive can’t both have sex with her and that a man can’t have intercourse with his wife’s slave.

As to girls: “It is permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn’t reached puberty if she is fit for intercourse,” the document reads. “However, if she is not fit for intercourse, he (the owner ) can only enjoy her without intercourse.”

The Q&A is clear that, young and old, the captors have full control of their captives.

As such, the ISIS document claims, “It is permissible to buy, sell or give as a gift female captives and slaves, for they are merely property.”

In response to the question of whether a female slave can buy her freedom, the answer is, “Yes she can.”

The document also says that freeing a slave is something a sinner who has committed an act like unintentional murder or perjury can do for his sin to be forgiven. Alternative actions are fasting for two consecutive months or feeding hungry people.

It is permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn’t reached puberty if she is fit for intercourse.
ISIS pamphlet on taking captives

The pamphlet sets a few other guidelines, such as that a captive mother can’t be separated from her young children and that an impregnated captive cannot be sold. Beating a female slave for discipline is OK, but beating her for pleasure or as a form of torture is not.

There are fewer rules for the captives themselves, though the ISIS pamphlet does identify one thing as “the gravest of sins” — running away from one’s master.

This document marks the most detailed, albeit not first, justification for enslaving nonbelievers, as defined by ISIS. Time and again, the group cites the Quran and its view of Sharia law.

“ISIS is drawing these rulings from ancient Middle Eastern and Mediterranean codes of conduct for war and prisoners,” said Abbas Barzegar, professor of religious studies at Georgia State University.

“Muslim leaders and lay practitioners the world over continue to condemn ISIS and find its alien interpretation of Islam grotesque and abhorrent. Unfortunately, in the context of failed states and civil wars most sane voices are often the most drowned out.”

None of ISIS’ rationalizations hold up, Seton Hall University law school Professor Bernard Freamon wrote on last month.

“This argument is plainly wrong, hypocritical and astonishingly ahistorical, relying on male fantasies inspired by stories from the days of imperial Islam,” said Freamon. “It is also an affront to right-thinking Muslims everywhere and a criminal perversion of Islamic law, particularly its primary source, the glorious Quran.”